22nd & 23rd April 2014 - Newcastle upon Tyne, UK



Lara Swanson

Lara Swanson is an engineering manager at Etsy, where she leads the mobile web development team. You can follow her on her blog and Twitter.

Greg Hoy

Happy Cog

Greg Hoy is the CEO of Happy Cog. Greg began his career in 1992, and focused on interactive design from 1994. Greg and industry pioneer Jeffrey Zeldman partnered in 2006 to expand Happy Cog's footprint to Philadelphia, and later further expanded the company's reach and capabilities by merging with boutique design studio Airbag Industries in 2009.

You can follow Greg on twitter or visit his website.

Timoni West


Timoni West is a designer in Brooklyn, currently working at Foursquare. She previously freelanced with amazing startups around the country; her client list includes Lift, Bitly, Airtime, Flickr, Causes, and Recollect.

Like many web designers, she splits her time between product design, user experience, and implementation, and her heart belongs to all three. You can find out what she's reading and thinking about at, or follow her on Twitter: @timoni.

Harry Roberts

Consultant Front-end Architect

Harry is a Consultant Front-end Architect, designer, developer, writer and speaker from the UK—previously a Senior Developer at BSkyB, he now helps tech teams all over the world in building better front-ends. He Tweets at @csswizardry.

He specialises in authoring and scaling massive front-ends. He writes on the subjects of maintainability, architecture, performance, OOCSS and more at He is the lead and sole developer of inuit.css, a powerful, scalable, Sass-based, BEM, OOCSS framework.

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Sarah Sampsel

Washington Post

Sarah Sampsel is the Director of Digital Strategy at The Washington Post. She oversees design, newsroom initiatives and new products and is currently leading a redesign for Prior to this, she served as the Director of Digital Design where she built and managed an innovation-focused team of 10 amazing designers, technologists and journalists.

Sarah and her team are responsible for the UX strategy and visual design of all The Post's digital offerings as well as coming up with new innovative methods of storytelling and presentation across platforms. You can visit Sarah's website or follow her on twitter.

John Allsopp

With a background in computer science and mathematics, and a great deal of good fortune, John Allsopp's life collided with the web in the early 1990s. For nearly 20 years he has developed software for web developers, built web sites and applications, written books like Developing with Web Standards and the first ever book on Microformats, and written countless articles and tutorials for print and online publications.

In 2000, he wrote "A Dao of Web Design", which over a decade later continues to be widely cited as the theoretical foundation for Responsive Web Design.

John continues to develop software, websites and applications, tutorials and articles, and to deliver workshops online and in person. He co-founded the Web Directions conference series, and in his copious free time likes to trail run, mountain bike, play what most of the world calls football, and be as good a dad as possible to three beautiful young daughters.

He lives in the bush, overlooking the ocean, a little outside Sydney, and considers himself very fortunate indeed. Visit John's website or follow him on twitter.

Viktoria Harrison


Viktoria attended the School of Visual Arts and began her career at a motion graphics agency in NYC. For two years she worked on ad campaigns for Honda, Coke, AmEx and many other brands. She left the for-profit world in 2007 to come on full time as charity: water's designer and eventually Creative Director.

You can follow Vik on twitter.

Rian van der Merwe

Flow Interactive

Rian is passionate about designing and building software that people love to use. After spending several years working in Silicon Valley, he is currently Director of User Experience at consultancy Flow Interactive in South Africa. He also writes regularly about design, technology, and software development for Smashing Magazine and his own site, Elezea. You can follow Rian on twitter.